The Company


MIG mbH is a young and modern company with a great dynamism. We are one of the leading manufacturers of chromate reduction systems for construction chemicals and chemical products for other industrial applications. As an innovative high-tech company we keep German and European patents. The growth of the company MIG is attributable to the diversification of various product levels, both in the constant development and production of new technologies, for example, heat-reflecting coatings and plasters and other health-enhancing products such as trace element fertilizers. Our pioneering low-emission heat-reflecting coatings and plasters save up to 40% energy while creating a comfortable climate: cool in summer, warm in winter.


MIG mbH was founded in mid-2001 by Dipl.-Chem. Ing. Burkhard Brandt und Concrete Engineer Wolfgang Bonder, both held high ranking positions in their previous careers in the chemical industry. The company’s goal was to develop innovative new products specifically for construction chemistry. A particular highlight is the development of chromate reducer systems for hydraulically setting compositions. Burkhard Brandt was the first to use stannous sulfate to reduce chromates in cements, at the same time presenting new analytical possibilities to detect chromium VI, thus paving the way for an innovative era of chromate reduction. Wolfgang Bonder was responsible for product launch, ensuring that individual customers have the possibility to integrate this new technology into their own operation. From the very start, customers’ problems and possibilities as opposed to our research and development have been the focus of MIG mbH. Further areas of research include defoamers and deaerators for the chemical industry. MIG’s innovative product range also comprises new technical products for energy conservation and CO2 emission reductions, increasing quality of living in buildings through unique coating systems. MIG continues to make a contribution to the health of people in their diet by using trace element fertilizers for agriculture. As a technologically forward-thinking company, MIG mbH also engages in high tech development for water treatment and utilizing and processing natural substances in the chemical industry. MIG mbH boasts a virtually global distribution and purchasing network as well as a number of joint ventures particularly in Asia.

REACH – Quality and environmental management

In keeping with our claim to an innovative high-tech company, MIG has a special responsibility. Criteria must be met in terms of material selection, environmentally sound and up-to-date manufacturing of purchased raw materials and the highest quality standards by which end products of the MIG product range are finalized. Quality controls and constant functionalized analysis are applied as early as in the product development phase to ensure that customers enjoy MIG products with the highest technical standard where all environmental issues have been considered. MIG is committed to adopting the new chemical regulation REACH and has had all relevant products pre-registered. In our REACH system we are engaged in an active exchange with our customers and raw material suppliers. As our products serve the environment and people, we always endeavour to produce products to the optimal use of our customers, the people, and the environment.