MIG DHMb® Lining Technology


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Food Sector


Public Buildings


Historic Buildings

Improvement of the longevity of facades - even after years no algae formation

Facade with red algae before renovation Facade 5 years after renovation

The German-Chinese joint venture company MIG (Zhejiang) Creative Technology Ltd. was founded in 2016. Since then, our joint venture has benefited from German research and development and a steadily growing market demand for residential and industrial construction in all Chinese provinces.

Buddhist Buildings

With our MIG DHMb® Lining System we are specialized in designing Buddhist buildings according to Buddhist colour theory.

Examples from our references

Buddhist Theory of Colours


Blue symbolizes universal compassion

MIG color code ENZIAN 24

Yellow symbolizes the Middle Way

MIG color code PRIMEL 64

Red symbolizes the blessing of practice

(Perfection, wisdom, virtue, happiness and sublimity) MIG color code KIRSCHE 21

White symbolizes the purity of Dharma

(of teaching) and complete liberation beyond the boundaries of time and space MIG color code STANDARD

Orange symbolizes the wisdom of Buddhism

MIG color code MANGO 42